The Mountain Bike Code

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The Mountain Bike Code


Consider wearing other protective clothing

Stay on the trail, either road or bridleway. Footpaths are out of bounds. Do not cycle on private tracks or open land without permission.

Be courteous and considerate; moderate your speed when approaching others, especially animals.

Always ride under control, especially downhill, since this is when serious accidents often occur. Learn how to prevent skids and to minimise damage to the trail.

Ensure your bike is safe to ride. Learn basic maintenance and take essential spares with you (i.e. Puncture repair kit).

Learn basic first aid and take a first aid kit with you. If biking on your own always let people know where you intend to go.

Don’t forget that off road rights of way used by cyclists are covered by the Highway Code. Your riding could result in prosecution, especially if you are involved in an accident.

Always shut gates behind you and follow the Country Code.

Do you have a trail / route map to follow?

Think about the weather. Do you know the forecast?

In addition when on Forestry land:

Remember other vehicles use forest roads as well as you!

Expect the unexpected – keep your speed down.

Keep away from forest operations such as tree felling and take notice of forest signs

Do not pass any vehicle loading timber until you have been told to do so.

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